Level Concepts, LLC was started in 2017 by Craig Troyer. Craig’s experience includes years of working in the landscape and equine industries as a specialist for ABI Attachments in commercial & private venues in both industries. From prepping huge domes for professional rodeos and equine shows to building and maintaining arenas, ball diamonds, soccer and football venues as well as private yards and driveways, we have the experience and knowledge to deliver a precise and professional finish with the grade you need.

Level Concepts uses the ABI Force which has the power and flexibility to grade all types of material while maintaining a small footprint with laser guided precision and zero turn capability.

A virtual Swiss Army knife for amazing ground prep and maintenance the ABI Force uses:

  • The Laser Force System: Allows us to perfectly level surfaces for sod, seed, arenas, infield material, and more! Paired with the Mini-Box Blade, the Laser Force System enables the Force to automatically cut and fill material, quickly creating a perfectly level surface. The Work-Sight Gauge allows our operators to see the current grade, allowing rough grade attachments to work in tandem with the finesse of the ABI Force.
  • Mini-Box Blade: This mid-mount game-changer gives the Force extra earth-moving muscle and unmatched versatility. With finger-tip control of the powerful hydraulic & spring-loaded arms, we can quickly and effectively carry material, remove loosened debris & rocks, grade, and level with finesse-all while moving forward and maintaining perfect visibility! Skip the hand work and quickly level and grade in the tightest of areas or on surfaces where a light footprint is necessary.
  • Scarifier Rake: The hydraulic mid-mount scarifier rake incorporates a 1/2″-thick laser-cut hardened-steel rake and adjustable scarifiers to prepare soil for seeding. The hydraulic system controls the rake allowing our operators to raise and lower the rake with the ground, pitch forward to only engage scarifiers, pitch backward to only engage the rake, or pitch for simultaneous scarifier and rake action. The rake is spring-loaded for continuous downward force and safety relief if an immovable object is struck. Easily prep soil for sod in small yards, near buildings, around irrigation heads and landscape beds, between sidewalks and curbs, along fences and trees, and more!
  • Additional Attachments: The Force is outfitted with many other attachments, both mid-mount and towable that give the versatility to attack tough areas or give a beautiful finish to your project.